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How it Works
Use Play4 Roulette with an on-line casino.
Give Play4 Roulette the winning numbers and it will tell you how to place your next bet.
It's that easy!
How it Works
Quick Refernece - How to Play:
Step 1
Start your Roulette program or sign onto a casino in practice mode.

Step 2
Start Play4 Roulette.

Step 3
Spin the Roulette wheel.
Note: Some casino programs make you place a bet before spinning the wheel. If your casino does this, place the smallest bet allowed on both red and black. There is a risk of losing, but it is a small risk.

Step 4
Click the winning number in the Play4 Roulette window.

Play4 Roulette Sample Screen Shot:
Tips & Tricks
Step 5
Click the Play4 Roulette "Apply Spin and Predict" button:
Step 6:
Place your bets in the casino according to Play4 Roulette's recomendation.
Play4 Roulette will recommend one or more bets.
-> Bet the amount that appears in the green square.
-> If no green square appears, then there are no bets, spin the roulette wheel without placing a bet.
Bet Samples:
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