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Download Play4Roulette Now!
Download Play4Roulette Now!
Download Play4Roulette Now!
Tips & Tricks
How it Works
* Practice, practice, practice... Use an on-line casino in practice mode. Do this until you master the art of quitting.

* Any computer based routlette game can be used with Play4 Roulette, you do not have to use an on-line casino. Any PC casino program will work.
Tips & Tricks
* If you have a few good runs then start to lose and your profits are depleated (i.e. zero or a little better), quit. Sometimes when things go bad, they stay bad. Quit before things get really bad.

* * If you have six or more winning runs, quit.
The casino is about to take the money back!
* *
Below is a collection of tips and tricks that I use during play. These methods have produced successful results (see history). These are not "hard rules", they are guidelines.

The Art of Quitting:
You can go to school and learn to paint, but that alone does not make you a painter.

This is also true for knowing when to quit. Quitting is an art.
I have programmed systems that follow logic and statistics to quit games, but these methods limit profit potential. I have not found a successful way to program
the art of quitting (yet...).