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a·nom·a·ly (-nm-l)
n., pl. a·nom·a·lies.
Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule.

Our roulette system identifies normal common order, form, and rules that govern the fact that the "house" will win.

Our system identifies anomalies as they happen. Anomalies are very small windows of opportunity to place bets against the house during casino play.

Our system takes advantage of two mathematical facts:
1. The odds are in favor of the house. Over the long run, the house will win.
2. Anomalies will happen.

Playing the anomaly:
If you play casino games for fun, fast action and excitement, playing anomalies is not for you.
Playing anomalies can be boring. There are times when I have played for over an hour without placing a single bet.
The good aspect of playing anomalies is that they usually win. If you have patience and want to win , you will enjoy playing anomalies.
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